“I wasn’t on a good path in school,” Brendan recently shared, “but I found nature here, and now I like the person I am becoming.” Brendan Cain

“You folks are amazing; thank you so very much! We can’t thank you enough for all the support, generosity and kindness that you and the rest of the staff have shown us over the years. You are deeply appreciated.”  – Program Mother

Even on a wet, dreary, gray day, you managed to make this “The BEST day ever, Mom!” On the drive home today, that was my daugher’s reaction to my question, “So, how was it?” She was soooo nervous last night, not knowing who would be leading her clan, not knowing how it would be starting atop Mt. A, not knowing how it would be at JBO, not knowing…, not knowing…

Different/transition/change has never been easy for her. After today, she now knows that she “loves her clan” and “This is going to be a great year.”

You are a special group and I thank God that she can have this amazing opportunity with you. Thank you for your energy, your commitment, your creativity, and your care. You are all awesome!

Thank you!!!  (Our daughter) loved every second, of course!  Magic happens over there on Mountain Road with a lot of knowledge and heart mixed in 🙂 

“White Pine has offered my children lessons & opportunities to support them in becoming positive, helpful, and respectful young people.” 

“The children of your community are very fortunate to have the White Pine staff as men- tors. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.”
– Sandy 

“I’m so thankful for the White Pine staff. I don’t know where I’d be today without them.”
– Megan (age 14)

“The (Pine Barrens) trip was the best week of my life.”
– Chris (age 12)

“The children gain so much more than a week in the woods, they gain skills they can take with them and practice anywhere, anytime.”
– Parent

“Thanks for such a great time at your campfire cooking program. We have been eating dandelion fritters all week. Cole had white pine needles on his ice cream last night. He said it was delicious.”
– Kristi (parent)

“There are certain experiences within the apprenticeship that I don’t know how I could have provided for myself… …I am confident that some of the things I am learning will be really valuable as they mature 20 years from now…  …it is sooooo rewarding tracking and working with a group like this it can’t really be reproduced on one’s own… …I have been shown a good ‘path to walk on’ for learning this stuff and a lot of things to work on on my own to further develop some of these skills… …nice folks… …this apprenticeship has opened my eyes to a great deal about the field of wildlife tracking that I was previously unaware of.. …the lessons are customized and profound and are helping me move through road blocks on my journey through learning tracking and the natural world… …the tracking project related to the apprenticeship is challenging and also seems to be one of the major things causing deep movement in my LIFE right now…” – Craig Brant (former Wildlife Tracking Apprentice)

“I have loved my experience with the White Pine Tracking Apprenticeship! Each weekend is well thought out and planned, building on the experience of the last. It has been a perfect blend of time in the field, classroom-learning, discussion and pure fun. The Dans (Gardoqui and Hanshe) are knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, and are right there with you. Their curiosity and love of learning is contagious. The Tracking Apprenticeship provides a great opportunity to; learn, share, romp, ask questions, explore curiosity, connect with others who love to track and connect with the Earth in a deep and personal way. It also has expanded my sense of responsibility to share this knowledge and connection with others. No turning back, I am hooked.” – Angella (former Wildlife Tracking Apprentice)

“One of the best things about the trip was that I learned how to keep learning about tracking afterwards.  I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my skills over the coming years.  Anyway, thanks again for a great experience!” –  Algonquin Wildlife Tracking Expedition Participant

 “I have done things today I never knew I was capable of!” –  Outdoor Girls Participant at the winter overnight

 “Thank you so much for your time, conversation, and accomodation on our visit to the school last week. Angus had “pretty much the funnest time ever” with the young naturalists. It was great to see him so psyched. I really enjoyed talking with you all and getting a tangible sense of who you all are as well. If we wind up in your neck of the woods, you can count on Angus being out there with you all!”– Winter Young Naturalist Program

 “Hey Dan and Caren,

Ok, so I heard the epic tale- and epic it was indeed in his words as well.  He had so much to share.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see the growth that my son has made this year, and this adventure alone brought out a spark of confidence in him that I have not yet experienced until tonight. Listening to him share the story with us, he was just beaming. It was a moment as a mom where you just  have to sit back and embrace the spirit of your child and feel a sense of pride, an overwhelming sense of pride!!!

So thank you, thank you for being the mentors that you both are and that Crewe and myself love and respect.” –Wilderness Skills Parent after hearing her son’s spring camp out adventure story

 “Wow! 🙂 All 7 kindergarten teachers reported in that the program was excellent.  It seemed that all the suggestions we made last year had been embedded in the activities provided and made for an outstanding experience.

We are so appreciative of the great care that you and your staff took in planning this program for us.  Please extend our heartfelt thanks and admiration to your wonderful staff!”York Elementary Schools’ Maine Natives Field Trip

“The other day Jack remarked that “White Pine has changed our life. We used to be just excited about the ocean. Now we do woods in winter and boats in summer.” And he thought that was a good plan. Nothing like a nine-year-old to put it all into perspective!” – Wilderness Skills Program Parent

This was a wonderful week. Small groups, excellent leadership, and exciting animal tracks wherever we looked. I could’ve stayed another week!” – Algonquin Wildlife Tracking Expedition Participant