White Pine Programs skilled staff offer a variety of course offerings in naturalist studies, wildlife tracking, bird language, ecology, & outdoor skills for adults.

From three-hour workshops to week-long intensives, we think you’ll find something to your liking.  Contact us if you’d like to design a custom training or workshop.

Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship: A Three-Season, Monthly Immersion in Wildlife Tracking & Naturalist Training.

The purpose of the White Pine Tracking Apprenticeship is to create competent, skilled, holistic wildlife trackers, and to prepare these trackers to use their skills as effective tools in community, scientific, & educational settings.

Since 1999, White Pine Programs has promoted the use of wildlife tracking skills for community-minded, educational & scientific purposes. White Pine hosts wildlife tracking evaluations, presents at national conferences, and contributes to local & regional wildlife projects. Additionally, White Pine also uses “inner tracking” as a tool for  professional & personal development.

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Algonquin Winter Tracking Trip

Fox, Otter, Wolf, Moose, Marten, Beaver, Mink, Fisher, Shrew, Owl, Flying Squirrel, and Grouse extend an invitation to spend a week in a winter wonderland studying their tracks and sign.

For nearly 16 years, we’ve journeyed to the snowy wilds of Central Ontario for a week of tracking & trailing an amazing array of animals in a place so beautiful that you have to stop and take it all in many times a day. We stay in heated, rustic cabins and bring along an excellent cook so you can focus on learning. We only accept 10 participants, so sign up early.

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Local Programs in Wildlife, Natural History, & Ecology

With over 10,000 acres of woods, waters, and wildlands, the Mt. Agamenticus region is home to fisher, bobcat, otter, moose, bear, beaver, deer, coyote, two fox species, mink, muskrat, skunk, opossum, three squirrel species, two weasel species, and a myriad of bird life!

Our popular programs include: Backtracking Bobcats and Winter Weasels. Come join us on our next adventures in 2017! Information Coming Soon!

 2017 New England Bird Language Intensive

There is a universal language that all living things share on this planet – a language we all used to understand. We call this Bird Language. White Pine founder Dan Gardoqui is one of the leading bird language experts internationally. Bird Language includes a series of sounds and movements that not only birds, but all other wildlife understand. It serves as an early warning system to ensure peace & safety.  Bird language is also useful in our human relationships – as it helps us detect and move energies like tension, conflict, peace, and relaxation. Learning to decipher what the birds are telling us about the location and intention of other animals and what they have to say is mind-expanding. White Pine’s bird language course offerings open your senses this world.

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