Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship: A Three-Season, Monthly Immersion in Wildlife Tracking & Naturalist Training

The purpose of the White Pine Tracking Apprenticeship (WPTA) is to create competent, skilled, holistic wildlife trackers, and to prepare these trackers to use their skills as effective tools in community, scientific, & educational settings.

Since 1999, White Pine Programs has promoted the use of wildlife tracking skills for community-minded, educational & scientific purposes. White Pine hosts wildlife tracking evaluations, presents at national conferences, and contributes to local & regional wildlife projects. Additionally, White Pine also uses “inner tracking” as a tool for  professional & personal development.

What is the Apprenticeship?

  • An intensive three-season study in the science and art of wildlife tracking and naturalist studies (including bird language & field ecology).
  • A nine-month program that involves monthly intensive field tracking sessions in a diversity of habitats across New England as well as unique evening presentations on a range of tracking-related topics.

Who is the Apprenticeship for?

  • Anyone with a true interest in becoming a more skilled wildlife tracker.
  • Beginning or experienced trackers are welcome; we customize apprentice goals.
  • Repeat apprentices. Some folks take the WPTA 2 or 3 times and learn a lot.

Past apprentices include: Professional biologists, artists, medical doctors, college students, school teachers, environmental educators, permaculturalists, glass cutters, engineers, college professors, administrative assistants, and gap year students.

Locations and Dates: 

  • Southern Maine Weekends: Saturday 8:30 am – Sunday 3 pm – 10/14-15, 11/11-12, 1/13-14, 2/10-11, 4/14-15
  • Off Site Weekends: Times Vary: White Mountains 12/8-9 : Jackman Maine 3/9-11 : Criehaven 5/11-13 : Pioneer Valley 6/9-10

Cost: $2350 (includes all lodging for 3 remote weekends & free camping on local weekends)  

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WPTA Teaching Assistant Position

Have you completed a full year of the WPTA? Are you looking to take the learning to a deeper level? Are you interested in learning how to mentor others in wildlife tracking?

Each year, we select one or two WPTA alumni to serve as Teaching Assistants. To learn more about the Teaching Assistant Position, click here.

Apply to the 2017-18 Teaching Assistant Position Here