Forest Kindergarten Program for 4-6 Year Old’s  


Acorn Weevils are exposed to the joys of intimate connection to nature and finding their place in a community of peers and mentors. They have incredible moments of resiliency, courage, pride, and beauty.

This is not your ordinary early childhood program. There are moments of intense joy and others of overwhelming emotion.  We ask a lot of the children. We teach them to monitor and meet their individual needs. Acorn Weevils are coached not only to help themselves but to support their peers. Acorn Weevils take care of their gear and pack things up themselves. They carry their backpacks throughout the woods, on- and off-trail. Variable New England weather, mosquitoes, unfamiliar forest, and being away their daily caretakers are all challenges that Weevils face frequently. All of this amounts to a very different experience than they may have ever had before. We are privileged to be a part of their growth and learning in a loving environment and to witness them emerge even more resilient children!

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Forest Scouts

Monthly Wilderness Skills for Boys Ages 7-14

Forest Scouts is a monthly immersion in the natural world alongside skilled male mentors. Nature, community, and self awareness are fostered to increase compassion, and respect. Adventure, teamwork, personal, and physical challenge are present through fire-making, navigation, shelter-building, wild edibles, and more. A culminating overnight program brings the community together for a celebration of the boys’ accomplishments.

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Grey Fox Guild

After school nature connection for 10-15 year olds

The Grey Fox Guild fosters the childlike curiosity and playfulness still alive in adolescence, while giving kids the space and tools they need to the a responsible part of a clan. Through naturalist explorations and wilderness skills, kids learn and grow within a peer group that seeks the challenges and mysteries present in the natural world.

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Nature Club is Now Wild Child!

 After School Nature Connection for Kids 

​Let Loose & Get Wild After School! Join ​the caring, wacky mentors from White Pine Programs for after school outdoor adventures exploring & learning about nearby nature through games, free play & stories – 100% unplugged & outdoors!

Wild Child serves 1st thru 5th grade (note: grades served are location dependent). 

  • Kittery
  • Portsmouth
  • South Berwick
  • and York

Wild Child After School is an All-Outdoor, program (even if it’s an indoor recess day) – please send your child in clothes & footwear that can get filthy, and be well prepared for that day’s weather. For November thru December, send along an article of safety or hunter orange to wear. We set up the practice of wearing blaze orange during hunting season- no matter the location.

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Outdoor Girls!

Monthly Nature-Connection for Girls Ages 7-14

Outdoor Girls is a monthly immersion in the natural world alongside skilled female mentors. We cultivate compassion & respect for the earth and self. Self-confidence is fostered by meeting challenges and learning to thrive throughout the seasons. Expression is encouraged through art, song, story-telling. Wilderness and naturalist skills include fire-making, wild edibles, shelter building, and tracking. A culminating overnight program brings the community together for a celebration of the girls’ accomplishments. Come connect with the grounding and healing power of the earth!

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Ways of the Wild

Mentoring Youth (ages 7-14) with an Awareness of
Nature, Community & SelfPicture1

Long days in the wild woodlands with qualified, caring adults cultivates a child’s innate love of nature, their desire to learn, brings them to the edge of their comfort & awareness, and nudges them into the place of adrenaline, awe, excitement, wonder & gratitude for all the gifts and lessons nature has to offer.  With games, stories, naturalist challenges, songs, camp-outs, and long wanders children connect deeply to the earth. Through the seasons they gain experience with skills such as primitive fire-making, woodland shelter-building, map & compass navigation, wild-edible gathering & preparation, wildlife tracking, sensory awareness, and bird language. Our focus on awareness leads to many teachings about the self, family, and community.

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Winter Camp: A School Break Day Camp

Nature Club (1)
Cold, wind, snow, ice, slush… there’s countless excuses for kids to spend the winter inside.
Here’s a good reason to get outside this February break! Active games, wildlife tracking, snow forts, firemaking and tending, storytelling- this half week camp will immerse children in the beauty of nature.

The three day camp format allows your child to come home for a warm meal and bed each night, drifting to sleep with images of tracks, firelight, and winter bird flocks flitting through their dreams.

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