Teen Wilderness Weekend Series

Autumn + Winter + Spring060

Our Teen Wilderness Weekends are 48-hour, seasonal, unplugged adventures.
Teens sleep in remote forest shelter….tend fires through the night…harvest & cook wild food over coals…hunker down together when the weather is harsh & emerge
Rejuvenated…wake to dawn birdsong…find inspiration in sunrise over the Atlantic.

Details: for ages 13 – 17

Dates: Autumn, Oct 14-16, 2016 / Winter, Jan 20-22, 2017 / Spring,  April 7-9, 2017

Cost: $600

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1000355216,width=178,height=178SAVE $75 with this combination of Teen Wilderness Weekends AND New Year’s Eve Teen Retreat for a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

These programs go hand in hand to create local and far off adventures filled with challenges, successes, camaraderie & memories to last a lifetime…

White Mountain New Year’s: A Teen Retreat

Take A Winter Adventure with Friends to Mark the New Year


In the depths of winter, teens unplug & climb the mountain to access the power and beauty of wilderness in winter that few ever get to experience. With a rustic Forest Service cabin to call home, we spend three days & two nights in the crisp mountain air – exploring, tracking, and playing games by day; warming ourselves close to the fire and telling stories by night. We’ll ring in 2017 like no one else.

Details: Limited to 14 Teens, 13 – 17 are welcome.

Trip dates: Dec 30th 2016 – Jan 1st 2017

Trip Fee: $275

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West Branch Canoe Trip

6-Day Adventures on the Waters of the North Maine Woods

Paddle the scenic & historic West Branch of the Penobscot River and Lobster & Chesuncook Lakes. Teens will spend six days paddling, swimming, floating and fishing along the scenic, historic and wild rivers of the north. Take in scenic sunsets, count eagles and moose, battle white caps on stunning lakes and sleep lakeside under the stars. This is a trip that builds leadership & resilience, as well as lifelong memories.

Details: Space limited 10 teens ages 13 – 17.

Trip Dates: 2017 trip dates coming soon!

Trip Fee: $775

White Mountains Teen Hiking Adventure

6-Days of  Epic Views, Awesome Hikes, and Hammock Camping.

Many White Pine teens are looking for a new adventure in the wilds. Experienced hiker, rock climber, guide, storyteller, & musician Ernie Hansche will lead a small group of teens backpacking and camping in some of the most remote and beautiful back-country locations in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Spend your days traversing peaks, dipping in streams, and learning about the forest.  Each night your retire in your hammock, resting peacefully in the heart of the New England wilderness.

Details: Limited to 9 teens ages 13 – 17.

Trip Dates:  2017 trip dates coming soon!

Trip Fee: $725 (Includes your Hammock for sleeping!)

Acadia Island Hop

7-Day Adventure to Amazing Acadia National ParkRuby_Beach_Olympic_National_Park-394x289

White Pine goes Down East on a Natural History Adventure. Visit seabird colonies, whale feeding grounds, colonial-era ruins and native encampments – all while learning from the past & present to become stewards of the future.

Details: Limited to 10 teens ages 13 – 17.

Trip Dates: 2017  trip dates coming soon!

Trip Fee: $875 (includes all charters, whale watch etc.)