White Pine Programs offers a lot more than nature-connection programs. The culture of nature-connection we’ve created at White Pine was done so consciously with very specific intentions and mechanisms for mentoring people in nature.


Our staff has been steeped in the 8Shields Mentoring Model – a complex, effective system that is based on the cycles and rhythms of nature. In our professional trainings, we share this “blueprint” for creating a culture of nature connection so that you can replicate it in your own business, organization, household or community.¬†Using the 8Shields Mentoring Model, our staff provides a culture of nature-connection at White Pine that we believe is unique and powerful. To learn more about the 8Shields Mentoring model,¬†click here to see a short video. If you have questions about this model, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Certain White Pine staffers strive to do their best as “experts” in the fields of Wildlife Tracking & Natural History. Senior staffers have dedicated years of their lives to learning, practicing, and sharing in these skill sets, both on their own and under the guidance of more experienced folk. ¬†Additionally, our staff take pride in their passion and curiousity for: nature awareness, nature connection, mentoring skills, bird language, wildlife tracking & trailing, group facilitation, and much more. If you have questions about our staff experience and/or knowledge, please don’t hesitate to contact us.