Thanks for viewing our wishlist.

There’s ALWAYS something we’re in need of.  If you’re willing to donate any of the items below – GREAT!  Thanks!  Ideally, please give us a call (207‐361‐1911) or email ( before dropping off any gifts.

We can also arrange pickup for some items and provide you with a tax‐deductible donation of goods receipt. Thanks again for your consideration and generosity!

(list updated September 2015)

Dreaming Large…

  • Future home for a growing White Pine Programs: One Large parcel of land (50+ acres) with fertile, open fields/pastures as well as wooded lands (adjacent to conservation land a plus), Ideally with existing farmhouse / barn / outbuildings, ideally within 20 minutes of our current location (willing to consider partners)
  • 15 Passenger Bus – we could really use a shuttle vehicle for our teen expeditions, staff trainings, youth programs, &  adult intensive courses. Either an outright donation, serious discounted sale, or free/discounted frequent rental arrangements welcome. Let us know if you have questions about this.
  • Party Tent – we could use one of those big ole’ tents people use at outdoor gatherings / weddings / etc.  It can even been a huge canvas army tent. New, used, severely discounted – they all work for us!

Wish List Items

Smaller, Inexpensive Stuff (under $75 – or free if lying around your place)

  • 100% cotton bandanas
  • Splitting Maul (s)
  • Clothespins (wooden w/ spring)
  • Raffia (natural or colored)
  • Cedar Posts (any round posts or rails can be old or new)
  • Base Plate Map compasses (the clear, see‐thru type for using with maps)
  • Wool Blankets (new or slightly used)
  • 5‐Gallon Buckets with sealing Lids (new, please)
  • High Quality Dip Nets (for vernal pool research)
  • Large Cast Iron Frying Pan (approx 15” wide)
  • Marcal Small Steps toilet paper (big package)
  • Heavy‐duty Storage Totes (like new or new)
  • Gallon jug of peppermint castile soap
  • Gallon jug earth friendly / biodegradable dish soap
  • Tarps (high‐quality nylon or heavy‐duty poly tarps – earth tone colors are best)

Moderately Priced Items ($100-$1000 – or free if you’ve got them lying around)

  • Backpacking Hammocks (Hennessey Hammock’s “Expdition Asym Zip” model ) – we can use from 1 to 10 of them.
  • Sleeping Bags (new or like new – mummy style, for cold weather) – 2-4 will do.
  • Backpacking Tents (new or like new with all their parts)-  2 will do
  • Canvas Wall Tent (about 10×12 – ideally with cooking woodstove)
  • Outdoor Sitting Bench-cedar or other naturally rot resistant wood or recycled plastic (adult and/or child sized)
  • Solid wood, one-piece picnic tables (two will do)

Pricier  Items ($1000-3000 – or free if you’ve got them lying around)

  • Desktop Computer (PC; min.- fast processor 8GB mem; 120GB hard drive)
  • Notebook Computer (PC; min.- fast processor; 4GB mem; 80GB hard drive)


That’s all we’ve got for now.  Thanks for considering! We hope you’ll find something to gift us today…